2012 Phoenician Award

UOP Award
UOP Award
Pat Cote UOP Award
Patrick L. Cote
UOP Award

On May 19, 2012, Pat Cote was honored and presented the 2012 Phoenician Award by the University of Phoenix Southern Arizona Campus in Tucson for Outstanding Faculty in the College of Criminal Justice and Security.

An  article by the Arizona Association of Licensed Private Investigators Chronicle issue.

Pat Cote Practices What He Teaches

There is an oft-misquoted maxim from George Bernard Shaw that “He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches.” Patrick Cote is living proof that even time-honored maxims coined by brilliant playwrights are not always true. Judging by the expanded role he takes on with the criminal defense attorneys for whom he works, Cote is every bit as good at doing as he is at teach-ing. The current Vice President of AALPI's Board of Directors has had a long career of doing and teaching. In fact, by the time Cote arrived in Arizona for the second time in his career, in 2006, the East-Coast native had already had a distinguished career in law enforcement.

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