Identity Theft

Did you know that identity theft continues to be a growing problem in the united states? identity theft is number one problem in the nation. you do not have to be a victim of identity theft if you take some simple precautions. the following are some practical suggestions to help keep you from becoming another victim:

  • Do not give out your social security number.
  • Do not keep your social security card in your wallet or purse. keep it at home in a safe place.
  • Do not put your social security number on your personal checks or driver's license.
  • Shred or cut into small pieces your old bills and bank statements. you do not want to leave anything with your banking information or account numbers on it. believe it or not, thieves will rummage through your trash.
  • When banking, if you make a mistake on the deposit or withdrawal slip, take it with you and dispose of it later.
  • Do obtain a copy of your credit report at least every six months to see if there are any changes or red flags.
  • Be careful when you order merchandise on line. you want to make sure you are on a secure website, especially while doing your banking.
  • Do not give your credit card number over the telephone unless you know or trust the company or person of whom you are providing your personal information to.
  • If you use a credit card at the restaurant, make sure you keep your receipt and reconcile it with your credit card statements.
  • Closely inspect your credit card statements to make sure there are no strange charges. Credit card companies will investigate your complaint if you question a charge.
  • Do not throw away your ATM statement or receipts. shred or destroy the receipts after you get home.
  • Be wary of scam artists calling or emailing you that you won the lottery or ask to transfer a large sum of money into your account. do not give out your account number or any personal information. your life savings will be depleted in a hurry.

The above are some tips to keep you from becoming a victim. if you do become a victim, report the crime to the local police. if you need my assistance in locating the perpetrator of the identity theft or scam, you can call or email me.